Financial & Insurance

Ensuring quality treatment is never hindered by costs, we are dedicated to providing effective and affordable care. Your treatment plan will transparently outline all fees, and we will inform you of costs before administering any treatment.

Choose from a range of payment options tailored to your needs. For any inquiries about financing or payment, feel free to ask. We’re here to provide comprehensive explanations and strive to accommodate your preferences.

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At our office, we are dedicated to assisting you in optimizing your insurance benefits to the fullest extent. Given the diverse nature of insurance policies, we make every effort  to provide a good-faith estimate of your coverage; however, it’s important to note that we cannot guarantee coverage due to the intricate details embedded in insurance contracts.

For a seamless experience during your initial visit, kindly bring your current insurance card. If there are any changes in your insurance provider, or if you enroll in a different employer’s plan, please inform us promptly. In the event that an insurance referral is required, ensure that you bring the completed form to your appointment.

Our commitment extends to making diligent attempts to ensure you receive the maximum insurance benefits available. Nevertheless, the ultimate responsibility for your account lies with you. We encourage proactive communication, urging you to reach out if your policy fails to process payments within a reasonable time frame.

In cases where we are not directly contracted under your insurance, you will receive a comprehensive breakdown of services and changes. This documentation will empower you to file a claim with your insurance independently. We strive to provide clarity and support throughout this process, aiming for a transparent and cooperative relationship in managing your insurance-related matters.